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Eloika Lake History

        Eloika Lake is located in the northern most part of Spokane County, in NE Washington State. It is nestled in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountain Range. The nearest town is Elk. Eloika is a 660 acre lake that is 3 miles long and a 1/2 mile wide. Its main tributary is the West Branch of the Little Spokane River. It is the last lake in a long and varied watershed which includes Diamond, Sacheen, Horseshoe and numerous other smaller lakes. Eloika has many springs which also supply year round water. Eloika is a relatively shallow lake which supports a great fisheries, as well as wonderful wildlife habitat.
        'Eloika' is the English spelling of En-sloy-qua which is a Salish Native American word. The Spokane Indian Nation states its meaning as ' a lake that has Dolly Varden Trout'. Eloika and its associated waterways were known migration, hunting and fishing routes once used by native peoples. In the 1920's the lake was called “Blake’s Lake,” named for a local family. It is unclear how or why it changed to Eloika but on-going research by association members continue to refine and better define its interesting history.


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