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Great Bass fishing is perhaps what Eloika Lake is most famous for. It consistently produces large mouthed bass in the 5-8 pound category. Historically it has always been a good fishery for not only bass, but crappie, rainbow trout and perch. Today, there are even some nice sized german brown trout to be caught. Fishing is consistently good and open year round! Ice fishing in recent years has skyrocketed on Eloika Lake. The lake usually freezes solid every winter and the season typically lasts from December through early March. Always check with someone in the know, on condition of ice before heading out! There are many springs that feed the lake and can soften ice. Most people recommend ice of 4 inches thick before venturing out!

Jerry's Landing Resort

Jerry' Landing Resort is located off Oregon and Lake Front Roads, one mile north of Millers One Stop on Highway 2 and one mile west of the highway. The oldest remaining resort on Eloika Lake is on Pochontas Bay and provides: camping, boat launching and mooring, docks for fishing, watercraft rentals, swimming, picnicking and a store. If that isn't enough, its owners, Laurie and Jerry Rasmussen are second generation resort owners. Their family has been operating the resort since the mid 1980's. The resort also has the oldest known standing structure on Eloika Lake, an old cabin that dates to the 1880's! Phone 509-292-2337 or email jerryslanding@earthlink.net for more information.


Boating is popular. Not for water sports so much but more for fishing and paddling. Small motorized boats, rowboats and paddle craft are the most common forms of transportation. Occasionally, the larger bass boats will be seen on the lake, mainly during prime time bass fishing in the late spring. But most people take a more leisuraly approach to boating on Eloika lake. Many will cast a line or troll. Others will paddle, stopping to witness the wildlife and nature or the sunsets Eloika Lake is famous for.


A varied and diverse population of wildlife thrive and call Eloika Lake home. There are acres and acres of wetland habitat all along and around Eloika Lake. These wetlands provide great habitat and cover for numerous wildlife and bird species. Eloika has a Great Blue Heron rookery, Bald Eagles, Ospreys and various hawks. Many different owl species live here as well. Numerous waterfowl and marshland bird species nest and/or migrate through. The Common Loon is a frequent visitor in spring and fall and have been known to nest here. Their calls can often be heard echoing over the waters. Many ungulates (Deer, Moose and Elk) roam the lake fringes and the corridor of wildlands within the watershed. Beaver, muskrat, otter, mink and fishers are fairly common sightings. Obviously, many residents and visitors alike enjoy wildlife veiwing as a favorite pastime.


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