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Lake Ecology

Eloika is not without its problems. Though the lake is healthy in many respects, it suffers from an abundance of aquatic weeds, with Eurasian Milfoil being the most concerning at this time. At times, weed growth can impede some recreation activities on the lake. Low water, due to draught and increased water demand in the overall watershed, has been of concern in recent years. The lake association is focusing a majority of its attention on addressing these issues and seeking feasible and economical solutions. Many studies on water quality have been completed and on-going monitoring continues today with the guidance of the Spokane County Conservation District. The association is now working, more closely than ever before, with numerous local and state agencies to better understand the intricate functions of the whole ecosystem that encompasses Eloika Lake. There is a lot to learn yet about our lake but we are gaining valuable knowledge and a better understanding of cause and effect within the whole watershed, as well as our lake. We are getting to know our watershed neighbors as well as lake residents. We hope everyone will take an interest in Eloika Lake and help preserve her future.


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